How To Use

Wonder Guards are very simple to to use but there are a few simple tricks and tips to help ensure proper use and maximum comfort while using them. Please take a moment to read the helpful information below.

Proper Pad Positioning

Original Guards:
The Original Guards have a pad that covers just under half of the inside of the sleeve. Position this pad over the area you need the protection.

Tip Guards: The Tip Guards have padding that covers the top, bottom and very tip of the finger/toe with a gap around the sides. The proper fitting is to have the padding on the top and bottom of the finger/toe and not around the sides. While you can position it around the sides the shape of the guard will not conform to the finger/toe as well

Splint Guards: The Splint Guards have a metal splint and padding over the splint on one half of the guard. The most common way to wear a splint is to position the metal splint part on the underside of your finger keeping ti straight. It can be worn with the metal splint on the top side of the finger if that suits your needs better.

Padded Ring Guards: For padded Ring Guards the padding covers the majority of the circumference of the guard. The best positioning is to place the seam with the padding gap in an area between the fingers where protection is not as needed.

The Seam
The Original, Tip, Splint, Ring and watch guards have one main sewn seam on the inside of the guards. Although the soft spandex material is not noticeable to the majority of customers there are tips to ensure it is the most comfortable it can be. To ensure the inside seam sits flat and smoothly on your finger/toe make sure when sliding the guard on you either make sure the seam is parted on each side or both to one side (see figure 1). We leave extra material on our seams so you can part or move the seam for comfort but if you wish to eliminate the extra material you can flip the guard inside out and cut the material closer to the seam with scissors.

Watch Guard with Flap

To use the Watch Guard with the extra Velcro flap stretch the guard over your hand onto your wrist and over your watch. Flip the Velcro cover open and position the watch face into the opening allowing the face of the watch to come through the hole (see figure 2). Make sure the watch band is centered under the spandex band of the guard. Once the guard is in position you can close the Velcro flap to protect the watch face.


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