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We always recommend ordering single guards or a variety pack for your first order to try all sizes or try one or two sizes before ordering a full package of one size. All sales are final so please make sure you know the right size before ordering large amounts.

It is important to choose the correct size Wonder Guard to ensure the best experience from using our products. The size you select can depend on a variety of factors so please read our entire sizing guide before placing your first order with us. If you are still unsure what size you need you can always send us an email through our contact page. Please print out our sizing charts by clicking the link above to help measure your finger, toe or wrist for an easy and proper fitting.

Please keep in mind that our guards stretch. So a medium and large guard may fit the same finger but one will give you a more loose fit and one a more snug fit depending on your needs. If you do not think any of our sizes will fit properly please visit our Custom Products page to see how we can get you the right fit.
How To Determine Your Size

First and foremost for your safety please make sure you do not choose a size too small that will effect the circulation of the area of coverage. If you receive any order and the guards cause discoloration or numbness while wearing them please remove them immediately. If you need a tight guard to ensure they stay on during activity please only wear them for short increments removing them for periods of time to allow proper blood flow.

The 4 Main Factors To Consider

  1. How sensitive is the area to be covered: In general the more sensitive the area to be covered the more loosely the guard should fit to ensure comfort but keeping in mind the guard shouldn't be so loose that it slides on and off on its own.
  2. How active will I be while wearing it: If you will be very active while wearing them such as playing a sport you need to choose a size that will fit snugly enough to stay in place during the activity. This does not mean it should be so tight that it cuts off circulation. Tighter fitting guards should be removed periodically to check that circulation is still ok in that area.
  3. What is the purpose for using the product: For some applications such as arthritis a more snug guard will apply pressure and relief to fingers. For a sensitive wound a looser fitting guard will feel more comfortable. If using the guards to prevent sores or calluses choosing a guard in the middle would likely be the most suitable choice.
  4. How large is the area I need to cover: Each size guard has different size pads inside. If the proper size guard does not have a large enough padded area for the area needing protection using our Tube guards will help solve that problem. You can also contact our Custom Products department for a custom size pad. All our product dimensions are listed below so you can determine if the padding is the right size for you.
Measuring Your Finger, Toe or Wrist Properly

We have provided you with a printable sizing chart above to help you determine the proper size guard. If you want a different method for determining the proper size you can follow this method here and compare your measurements to the measurements of each product below.
  1. Step 1: Take a piece of string and wrap it around the finger, toe or wrist and mark where the string intersects. Measure the distance between those two intersecting points on the string. This will give you the circumference of the area.
  2. Step 2: To figure out the diameter multiply the circumference you measured by 0.3183.
  3. Step 3: Take the diameter number your figured out and compare it to the dimensions below for the product you need. The diameter of the area you measured should always be at least slightly bigger than the products diameter or the guard will be too loose and fall off easily.
Approximate Product Dimensions

Original Guard
Diameter: Small (0.55"), Medium (0.72"), Large (0.80")
Length: Standard (1"), Middle (1.5"), Long (2.25")
Pad Width: Small (0.81"), Medium (1.06"), Large (1.19")

Tip Guard

Diameter: Small (0.55"), Medium (0.72"), Large (0.80")
Length: Standard (Small 1.25", Med 1.5", Large 2"), Middle (1.5"), Long (2.25")
Pad Width: Small (0.75"), Medium (1.0625"), Large (1.25") 

Splint Guard
Diameter: Small (0.55"), Medium (0.72"), Large (0.80")
Length: Standard (2"), (2.75")
Pad Width: Small (0.81"), Medium (1.06"), Large (1.19")

Tube Guard
Diameter: Small (0.55"), Medium (0.72"), Large (0.80")
Length: Full Tube (8"), Variety Pack (4")

Ring Guard

Diameter: Medium (0.72"), Large (0.80"), X-Large (0.95")
Length: All sizes (1")

Watch Guard

Diameter: Small (1.91"), Medium (2.23"), Large (2.55")
Band Width: Small (2.5"), Medium & Large (3")
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