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Finger & Toe Protection Products

We offer a versatile line of unique finger and toe protection products unlike any other on the market. Our products range from open ended and closed tip padded spandex sleeves, slip-on finger splints and cuttable padding tubes. Our products are comfortable, durable and can be used for unlimited applications.

Watch, Belt & Ring Protection Products

Our watch covers, belt covers and ring covers give extra protection while doing the activities you love or working. Keep your watches and rings free from scratches and dings while at the gym or working out in the garden. Keep your belt buckle from scratching valuable items such as when working on a car or playing the guitar. Many companies also require these items to be covered while at work.

Companies looking to purchase bulk ring covers, watch covers and belt buckle covers please visit our
www.wonderguards.net site and contact us for bulk sales.


DURABLE - made from a durable lycra material that retains its elasticity with a strong seam that won't tear

VERSATILE - designed for unlimited applications, our products offer a wide range of styles to help with many common and uncommon problems

FLEXIBLE -with soft lightweight material our products flex easily with movement

WASHABLE - just hand wash and air dry to use them over and over again

BREATHABLE - material that allows air to flow the skin

NO TAPE - our products do not use tape so they can be put on and taken off at any time without any sticky mess


We are always looking to expand our line of products to develop solutions to common and uncommon finger and toe protection needs. If you think we can design a product that better suits your needs please contact us
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